Scope of Services


  • Cast-in-place concrete
  • Concrete girder
  • Steel girder
  • Timber

Earth Moving / Excavation

Solar and Wind Project Infrastructure

Parking Garages

Drainage Channels

Retaining Walls

Sound Walls

Parking Lots


The Volvo Arizona Proving Ground Vehicle Dynamics Area Dry Skid Pad was a design-build project that stands as a testiment to the extremely tight tolerances in which Meadow Valley is able to pave asphalt.
Owning our own portable asphalt and rubber blending plant gives MVCI a tremendous advantage in the construction of asphalt paving projects. MVCI also has the ability to use recycled materials, which makes our projects more sustainable and environmentally responsible. Our dedicated team of paving professionals has a combined level of experience exceeding 175 years. We can go anywhere and crush, mix and place any type of asphalt or rubberized asphalt product. We also maintain a dedicated on-going safety and training program for all of our crews.

Meadow Valley utilizes its own hot plant to produce some of the best roads in the southwest. Our specialized crews are reknowned for their experience and quality. Above, Meadow Valley paved major portions of the I-40 throughout Arizona.
MVCI has been awarded numerous incentives for quality from a wide variety of public and private owners. With our state-of-the-art fleet of equipment and our modern plant, we have crushed, mixed and placed over 2.5 million tons of asphalt. MVCI also takes the lead in providing value engineering input in reviewing pavement specifications in order to provide owners the most efficient, cost eff ective, and durable systems. Our considerable range of experience in constructing and paving highways, automotive test tracks, and airport runways makes us a leading expert in asphalt and quiet paving mix designs.