Scope of Services


  • Cast-in-place concrete
  • Concrete girder
  • Steel girder
  • Timber

Earth Moving / Excavation

Solar and Wind Project Infrastructure

Parking Garages

Drainage Channels

Retaining Walls

Sound Walls

Parking Lots


Self-performing a wide range of construction activities, MVCI is equipped to excel in multiple areas of specialization that include:

  • Construction, renovation and resurfacing streets, highways and airport runways
  • Structural concrete including all types of bridge and drainage structures
  • Asphaltic concrete and rubberized asphaltic concrete production
  • Underground Piping; including water, sewer and storm drains

Meadow Valley’s project team takes great pride in their reputation among owners for completing large scale complex projects safely, on time, and under budget. A significant portion of our annual revenue is with public entities, such as state Department’s of Transportation, Counties, Cities, the Army Corp of Engineers and the Federal Government. We employ a team of over 200 seasoned and highly experienced management, skill and craft professionals with wide-ranging experience in all phases of heavy highway and heavy civil construction. Our fleet of up to date equipment and our mobile asphalt production plant can be quickly mobilized to job sites throughout the southwest.

MVCI is dedicated to the highest level of customer satisfaction. We focus client demands on quality construction, innovative design, rapid and accurate communication, precise project management, safety, and accurate scheduling and budgeting for the most effi cient construction process possible. We are dedicated to offering the highest quality and most efficient solutions to meet our client’s needs.